Would a 4 Week Vacation Change Your Life?

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Many of us have created businesses that we love, and we’re passionate about what we do. We also find ourselves getting up early, going to bed late, and working into the weekend. That’s just what business owners do, right? You can’t imagine taking a 4 Week Vacation, because you can’t imagine taking any vacations at all.


Although any entrepreneur or business owner will be likely to find themselves in a position that requires extra hours, it certainly doesn’t have to be an ongoing lifestyle. In fact, as you scale your business, it should be able to run without your constant presence and moment-by-moment support.

Your Business Should Survive Without Your Constant Presence

If that idea makes you feel both excited and anxious, that’s understandable! As much as we sometimes resent long hours and always “having” to be there, putting in that kind of time means that we feel more in control. And when it’s your reputation and dollars on the line, it’s very tempting to want to maintain full control.

At the end of the day, however, there is only one of you. You can only respond to so many questions, help so many clients/customers, correct so many mistakes, turn so many visions into reality, before there just isn’t anything left. You’ll run out of time or energy (or both).

And eventually your growth will stall because there just isn’t enough of you.

What can you do?

Throwing in the towel isn’t the option!

But it is possible to create space for yourself to be an amazing business AND to enjoy some much needed time away. Although there are lots of smaller ways this can be done (daily meditation, setting limits on evening and weekend availability, delegating more tasks to employees), let’s go BIG!

When is the last time you took a vacation that was 100% work free? No email checking, no putting out fires, no staying back while your family takes in a cool attraction without you.

And while you’re contemplating that, let’s go one step further.

Can you imagine taking a four week vacation?

If that seems impossible, remember that one of the reasons many people start a business is because they want to have freedom. Somehow, too many of us get going and realize that we’ve achieved our goal of “being our own boss”…but we haven’t gained anything in terms of freedom. In many cases, we’ve become more restricted than we were when working for someone else!

Dr. Sabrina Starling and the team at Tap the Potential want to change that. In March 2020 they are hosting an intimate mastermind called Breakthrough on the Bayou. Here, a group of extraordinary entrepreneurs will be gathering together to strategize about time freedom, profit growth, and actionable strategies.

Seeing this kind of brainpower gather in one place is phenomenal. And to know that they all believe that taking a vacation is not only possible, but necessary — how refreshing! If you’re ready to step away from the “hustle” mentality and start creating space in your business, it might be worth checking it out!

Take a moment today to breathe deeply, congratulate yourself on all you’ve accomplished, and consider the possibility of taking a 4 Week Vacation in the new year.

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Would a 4 Week Vacation Change Your Life?

Many of us have created businesses that we love, and we’re passionate about what we do. We also find ourselves getting up early, going to