Spiritual Awareness in a Digital Age

People today seem to prefer exploring spirituality and choosing elements that work for themselves and their lives. Instead of ascribing whole sale to a “religion”, they are searching for meaningful practices that encourage personal spiritual awareness.

There seems to be a willingness to try things out, experiment, and keep what works.

As a business owner, CEO, or employee looking to break free from the 9-5 grind, you might have gone through some version of spiritual exploration yourself. As a human, you know what it is to feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and constantly attached to your phone or other device.

You can find podcasts, trainings, tutorials, seminars, and retreats designed to help you plug in (and unplug) while discovering new spiritual truths. There isn’t time to dive into all of those things in a single post, so let’s just consider the retreat environment.

You’ll likely be in a secluded, or at least somewhat out of the way location. You’ll have access to peers, as well as a spiritual leader or two. The Beyond Your Brain retreat, for example, is led by Christine Comaford. She also has a sort of spiritual assistant to support both her and participants. A retreat will likely be quiet, and hopefully a pervasive sense of peace will fill the area.

Beyond that — who knows what you’ll encounter as you seek spiritual awareness!

Meditation is likely. Perhaps a sound bath, a guided journey, a set of journal prompts. You may encounter nature bathing, prayer, group sharing, energetic alignment, or visualization.

There may even be a sacred text, or perhaps some sort of sacred music.

Wondering what some of those things even are? You’ll want to be sure that you provide the most essential retreat element – an open mind. Spiritual retreats don’t work if you need the science, facts, and logic behind every single thing that happens.

Each day of your retreat will likely be varied. You’ll want to do what you can to turn technology off and truly be present.

You’ll find that without the vibrations, alerts, and distractions of modern technology, you’ll actually be able to be fully present with yourself. This allows you to also be present in the space you’re in, and with those around you.

For example, at the Beyond Your Brain retreat, participants are encouraged to keep technology off. If it must be used, you’re asked to refrain from accessing it in a community area.

If you go into the experience with a truly open mind, you’ll find yourself doing and experiencing things far beyond what you ever could have imagined. What you continue to implement once back in your own home? That’s up to you!

The only person who can truly decide if a particular practice is a good idea for you and your life is you.

Open your mind, and see what feels like a good fit.

A few other retreat takeaways:

  • You can walk away from or release anything in your life that isn’t serving you.
  • When you’re open to the practice, you can ground yourself in any place or time and see an increase of inner peace and calm.
  • You can trust yourself to make powerful, right decisions for your own life.
  • Going technology free will clear your mind and is a worthwhile practice to continue at home.

Interested in trying a retreat that minimizes technology while also incorporating spiritual elements? You might find the Beyond Your Brain retreat to be right up your ally!

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