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Christine Comaford is an industry leader who is well versed in neuroleadership training and organizational growth.

Christine Comaford is an industry leader who is well versed in neuroleadership training and organizational growth.

I find that I admire people who are prolific content creators, business builders, and world shapers. 

By prolific, I don’t mean penning dusty manuscripts that most of the world ignores. And I’m definitely not talking about people riding a shooting star to the top, only to disappear into the Bahamas with their profits.

Prolific entrepreneurs are those people who show up again and again, always with something new.

A course, a book, a workshop, a way of connecting. A strategy, business plan, or deviation on the way things have “always been done”. They have a knack for wading through what “is”, while always thinking of what could be. They have a unique way of understanding themselves, as well as the world we live in.

These are the people who really aren’t that worried about anyone else’s opinions. That’s because they’re putting their time and energy into building themselves. They invest in courses and personal development, and are dedicated to the idea that no one should ever stop growing.

So, in general, I’m talking about the best and brightest entrepreneurs. They’ve probably failed once or twice (or a dozen times), but it’s never stopped them from growing and developing.

More specifically, I’m talking about Christine Comaford.

I personally hadn’t heard of Christine until a few months ago, and I’m so glad we connected! If you’re in the same boat, let me fill you in.

Christine is a Leadership and Culture Coach for SmartTribes institute. This is an amazing organization that specializes in neuroleadership training and organizational growth. 

Christine has founded five previous businesses that she went on to successfully sell (including two successful financial institutions sold to Union Bank). She’s also authored three books, all of which received a variety of accolades and best seller list honors. 

What impresses me even more than those personal successes, however, are the amazing contributions Christine has prioritized throughout her career.

Her current business, SmartTribes, has a charitable arm that donates 5% of their annual revenue to charities. She’s served as a board member and advisor on over 36 companies. And she’s served as an angel investor for over 200 start-ups that needed financial capital to make their vision into reality.

My favorite thing about Christine is that her path to the top wasn’t very straight.

She dropped out of high school to become a model, then veered into religion with a 7 year run as Buddhist monk. After that, she entered Microsoft as someone who wrote testing applications. Her climb to the top was filled with interesting detours, surprising twists, and, I’m sure, many failures along the way. And I have to believe that not one moment of the journey was wasted! Christine’s expertise as a coach, and her passion for neuroleadership training and organizational growth, surely connect to all of these previous life experiences.

In a world that seems set on steering everyone onto a narrow path, Christine’s journey reminds me that it’s okay to take a detour. She sparks inspiration, a glowing example of someone willing to try something crazy, different, wild, eccentric, and questionable.

Another lesson she exemplifies? When something is no longer aligned with who you are, it’s okay to leave it behind. You’re free to start the next pursuit, and ultimately, to succeed at something completely different!

Christine Comaford is a prolific entrepreneur whose journey easily inspires us.

Her career path offers a beautiful reminder that there is more than one way to achieve success.

Definitely check out more of her work, especially if you find yourself intrigued by the idea of neuroleadership training and organizational growth.

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