Be the Leader in Your Life

It might just be me, but “economist” and “emotional intelligence coach” don’t seem very connected. 

Perhaps if I was meeting an old married couple, a classical case of opposites attracting, I wouldn’t think much of it. But Anne Beaulieu is not a couple. She’s a single entity, and on top of those two titles, she’s also a multilingual speaker, bestselling author, translator, and CFA (the professional designation used to refer to a chartered financial analyst). Anne not only teaches you how to be a leader in your life – she exemplifies being one in her own.

Anne Beaulieu - Be a Leader in Your Own Life

All of these juxtapositions were so intriguing, I felt I had to learn more.

With a bit of digging, I found that Anne grew up in a rural area. She read the French Larousse dictionary to pass the time, and eventually went on to live in China. She obtained an M.A. in Economics, graduated from the Authentic Speaker Academy, and more.

Due to her high caliber resume and exceptional skills, it wouldn’t seem out of place for Anne to be hidden away in a mansion, out of reach (and out of touch) with the rest of us. Instead, she’s incredibly accessible. She speaks, writes, and teaches. In fact, her recently announced financial course, “Set Yourself Free”, provides an opportunity to get on a weekly coaching call with Anne herself! 

What does she attribute her work in emotional coaching to?

Well, her breakthrough started with a small question, posed by Dov Baron at a leadership retreat:


“Who are you hurting by playing small?”


She realized that she had to be done doing small things and protecting herself from the pain in her past. In honor of everyone in the world who needed her to show up BIG, she had to stop playing small. So she did. Anne asked Dov Baron to mentor her. She broke down the walls she’d put up to keep old pain at bay and faced her fears. Then she turned around and helped hundreds of others do the same. After learning to take leadership in her own life, she realized that we all have the capacity to be leaders on our own lives.

Anne’s transformation was about far more than herself; it was about impacting the world.

Today, Anne uses self-awareness and relationship management coaching, along with motivational speaking engagements and self-empowerment workshops, to spread her message of emotional equality across the globe. She works with everyone: business professionals, students who need to be mentored, parents trying to do their best in a modern society that comes with as many challenges as it does advantages.

Although she has dozens of workshops and speaking topics that she regularly uses, her message boils down to this:

Be the Leader of Your Own Life.

With Anne’s tools (and example) as an inspiration, I’m seeking to do exactly that.

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