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Significant or Meaningful – Defining Achievements

Would you classify your most important achievements in life as being significant, or meaningful?

Honestly, this isn’t a distinction that had ever crossed my mind prior to previewing Dov Baron’s newest course, All At Once. In one of the modules I experienced, however, Dov asks participants to create a list of significant achievements. This is a starting point – that particular module guides you through the process of defining the purpose of your achievements, which is either significant or meaningful.

As a bit of an “achiever” myself, I was happy to oblige. I cranked out a set of

Decrease Shame with These 3 Tips

You want to decrease shame in your life. And why wouldn’t you? If there’s anything that dampens one’s anything that dampens one’s ability to create new businesses, products, courses, or materials…

It’s shame.

It seems that many of us find ourselves minimizing our lives, quieting our voices, or hiding our talents. Why? We worry about what other people will think, say, or believe about us.

And all that worry leads to shame.

So how can we decrease shame?
Here are a few tips and tricks that have been known to help you free up your time and energy for bigger,