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Spiritual Awareness in a Digital Age

People today seem to prefer exploring spirituality and choosing elements that work for themselves and their lives. Instead of ascribing whole sale to a “religion”, they are searching for meaningful practices that encourage personal spiritual awareness. There seems to be a willingness to try things out, experiment, and keep what works. As a business owner, […]

Decrease Shame with These 3 Tips

You want to decrease shame in your life. And why wouldn’t you? If there’s anything that dampens one’s ability to create new businesses, products, courses, or materials… It’s shame.  It seems that many of us find ourselves minimizing our lives, quieting our voices, or hiding our talents. Why? We worry about what other people will […]

A Scientific Source for Health Information

What’s the source of your health information? There is a lot of confusion in the world about what it means to keep yourself and your family healthy. And even though most of us would love to feel we have a trusted, scientific source for health information, it’s hard to know whose voice we can count […]

Significant or Meaningful – Defining Achievements

Would you classify your most important achievements in life as being significant, or meaningful? Honestly, this isn’t a distinction that had ever crossed my mind prior to previewing Dov Baron’s newest course, All At Once. In one of the modules I experienced, however, Dov asks participants to create a list of significant achievements. This is […]

Decreasing Truancy One Student at a Time

Back to school is upon us! Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt was recently part of a drive that provided over 1000 pairs of shoes, hygiene kits, and school organization kits, 250 bus passes, and 1000 backpacks to students. This was all part of the Back to School rally, a gathering designed to provide encouragement, support, and supplies […]

Neuroleadership Training & Organizational Growth

The neuroscience behind leadership and growth. Christine Comaford is an industry leader who is well versed in neuroleadership training and organizational growth. I find that I admire people who are prolific content creators, business builders, and world shapers.  By prolific, I don’t mean penning dusty manuscripts that most of the world ignores. And I’m definitely […]

Be the Leader in Your Life

It might just be me, but “economist” and “emotional intelligence coach” don’t seem very connected.  Perhaps if I was meeting an old married couple, a classical case of opposites attracting, I wouldn’t think much of it. But Anne Beaulieu is not a couple. She’s a single entity, and on top of those two titles, she’s […]