Decrease Shame with These 3 Tips

decrease shame

You want to decrease shame in your life. And why wouldn’t you? If there’s anything that dampens one’s ability to create new businesses, products, courses, or materials…

It’s shame. 

It seems that many of us find ourselves minimizing our lives, quieting our voices, or hiding our talents. Why? We worry about what other people will think, say, or believe about us. 

And all that worry leads to shame.

So how can we decrease shame?

Here are a few tips and tricks that have been known to help you free up your time and energy for bigger, better things:

  • Deep breathing

The simple act of taking long, slow breaths can decrease negative emotions by calming your parasympathetic nervous system. You’re essentially stopping stress in its tracks. This gives you a chance to clear your head, shake off your doubts, and hold your chin up high.

  • Healthy movement

The longer you trap your body in stillness, the more stress and tension will build up  inside. If you’ve been sedentary for quite some time, you might not even realize the impact it’s having on you. By getting up and getting going, you can create actual movement and flow within your physical body. Sometimes you can break up an internal block by engaging in physical activity.

  • Quiet meditation

Stilling your mind, quieting your soul, and connecting with yourself in a deeper way is bound to lead to good things. Many of us avoid that sort of connection with ourselves, however. If you actually lean in to who you are, you’ll find there’s a lot to be proud of. And since shame tends to be fairly deep rooted, you’re going to have to dig deep to start rooting it out.

(You can get more tips here if you really want to dig into this!)

The difficulty, however, is that pursuing things that are good for us can create even MORE shame. We fall into the trap of believing that we don’t deserve the time and energy it would take to slow down, breathe, move, or meditate.

Jennifer Knapp, of Shameless Solutions Inc., shares that when she first started trying to incorporate more forms of pleasure and self-care into her life, she struggled. It was only when she realized that she had internalized the belief that she had to “earn” pleasure that things started to change. Finally, she realized that what she needed “were shameless solutions, resources that would remind me that I deserve to experience the  exquisite, tingles-licking-up-my-spine moments that I craved as often as possible. “

If you’re looking to decrease shame in your life, you’ll want to practice some tried and true strategies. But in order to do so – you have to realize that you deserve a bigger, fuller life.

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